Family Science Club

Pointing to the Author of Science


Power glider, 2015

Image: UMX Radian power glider soaring above, Taken by Jodi Young, 2015

Radio-Controlled Airplanes with Faith Community Church, 2015

We have done RC aircraft with multiple groups. We have a system such that a student pilot has one controller and Kevin has a second, and Kevin can take over if the student has trouble.

The planes we use are very small and weigh only a few ounces. They are also fairly easy to repair, so mistakes don't cost too much.

There is a local park where we are allowed to fly these small planes. We went on a fall day when the breeze was very light.

A small crowd listens to the flight instructor, 2015

Image: Kevin explaing the basics of flight to the kids. Several of the kids were too young to try this go around...  Taken by Jodi Young, 2015 

Showing how to work a transmitter, 2015

Image: Kevin demonstrating the controls to the prospective student pilots, Taken by Jodi Young, 2015

Hand launching a small plane, 2015

Image: Kevin launching the power glider, with Pippa ready to take over once it is high enough, Taken by Jodi Young, 2015

Young girl flying around the park, 2015

Image: Pippa flying the glider. It is not as far away as it looks, it is so small, Taken by Jodi Young, 2015 

Flock of birds to avoid, 2015

Image: Watch out for the birds! Taken by Jodi Young, 2015

These planes are small enough that birds sometimes get confused and chase them. The electric motors are very quiet, too. The gas-powered RC planes are very loud and typically scare any birds away from the immediate area.

Student and instructor toward the end of a flight, 2015

Image: Romilly is a natural at this. She picked it up right away. Taken by Jodi Young, 2015

Enjoying some shade and donuts, 2015

Image: A consolation prize for the ones who didn't get to fly this time. Taken by Jodi Young