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Niko holding a Super Neon XL model rocket, 2015

Image: Niko holding a Super Neon XL model rocket. Taken by Heidi Weaver.

Model Rocketry with Faith Community Church, 2015, Part I

Model rocketry is a fun and safe way to learn about chemistry, physics, and even construction and painting. We spent several days learning about and building the rockets, a day painting the rockets, and a day launching stomp and bottle rockets.

Civil Air Patrol cadets getting ready to launch model rockets, 2006

Image: We have done model rocketry in the past with Civil Air Patrol, too. 2006. Taken by Kevin Weaver

During our classes, Heidi and Kevin both taught. Two families from church participated.

Sitting around the teacher, listening to a short class. 2015

Image: Heidi teaching about Sir Isaac Newton. Taken by Kevin Weaver

Kids around a table, looking at rocket plans, 2015

Image: Kevin explaining how to read instructions for building a rocket. Taken by Heidi Weaver.

Kids looking a rocket decals, 2015

Image: Kevin explaining how decals work. Taken by Heidi Weaver.

Girls sanding balsa parts, 2015

Image: Pippa and Romily sanding balsa fins. Taken by Heidi Weaver.

There were some issues that took care. This was the first time that any of the kids had used really sharp tools. We showed the older two how to handle the hobby knife safely. We also watched them closely the entire time. But, kids have to learn sometime if they are ever to use proper tools.

Kids around table as one cuts balsa, 2015

Image: Cutting more fins, using a hobby knife. Taken by Heidi Weaver.

Even the kids with disabilities had fun, though they were not able to participate in all of the activities.

Girl playing with a rocket while Mom takes a picture, 2015

Image: Delia playing with a model rocket. Taken by Heidi Weaver.

We went to a local park to fly the stomp rockets and water rockets. We had asked before hand to ensure we would be allowed to do so. Not all communities allow this kind of thing. That is disappointing, because kids' learning will be inhibited if nothing is allowed because there is a tiny risk that someone will get hurt. We do agree that adult supervision is necessary, though.

Kids watch as Kevin puts a rocket on the pad, 2015

Image: Kevin setting up the stomp rocket. Taken by Heidi Weaver.

Kids looking into the sky for a flying rocket, 2015

Image: Watching the stomp rocket fly. Taken by Heidi Weaver.

Kids watching as Kevin pumps up water rocket, 2015

Image: Launching a water rocket. Taken by Heidi Weaver.

We launched one small model rocket, too, but did not get a good picture of that one. We did get great pictures of the main launch, which we will share in the next "events" post.

Kevin lining up fins on a rocket, 2015

Image: Some of the construction requires more skill and practice than the kids have yet, so we did part of the work. Taken by Heidi Weaver.

Heidi sealing fins on a rocket, 2015

Image: The balsa fins have to  be sealed to take paint well. Taken by Kevin Weaver.

Kevin spray painting large rocket, 2015

Image: Kevin did the spray painting, based on coloring pages the kids did. We wanted them to help paint, but their hands were too small to use the paint cans. Taken by Heidi Weaver.