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Heidi in front of an M103 heavy tank

Image: Heidi standing in front of an M103. This was the last "heavy tank" used by the Army, but the M1 Abrams "main battle tank" weighs just as much and has just as big a gun.

Visiting the Army Ordnance Museum in 2000

The year 2000 was a busy time for us. We were moving to Philadelphia. Kevin was pursuing a doctorate in Church History at Westminster Theological Seminary. For about a month we lived with the parents of one of Kevin's college buddies, Jon.

Jon mentioned that his brother, Jeff, lived near Aberdeen, Maryland, and had suggested visiting the Army Ordnance Museum. Kevin had served in the Army and had visited the museum back in 1988, and thought it would be great to go back.

The museum contains a large collection of equipment and artifacts associated with the US Army. It also contains various items obtained through war.

The museum was located at Aberdeen Proving Ground until 2010. The base had to close the museum and the artifacts were shipped to Fort Lee, Virginia, and Fort Benning, Georgia. In time, a new museum will be built at each base. Those museums will include what used to be at Aberdeen, plus other artifacts.

Jon and Jeff and M22 light tank

Image: Jon and Jeff, hamming for the camera. Note how small this M22 is compared to the M103 pictured above.

Leopold, or Anzio Annie, depending on which side you were on

Image: It was interesting to see the sheer size of some of the guns. This one was used by the Germans when the US military invaded Italy at Anzio, in 1944.

Beat-up, rusting Stuart tank

Image: A Stuart tank with duplex drive - meaning it could swim. The system did not work very well...

Big coastal defense gun and shells

Image: We have heard that this 16-inch coastal defense gun is one of the few items of the museum that will remain at Aberdeen Proving Grounds.