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Front entrance to Retiland

Image: There be dragons... Taken by Kevin Weaver.

Visiting Clyde Peeling's Reptiland in 2015

This Christmas we went to Clyde Peelings Reptiland in Allenwood, PA. As a lizard lover, I've been wanting to go for some time. They have a wide variety of reptile species.

It is not a large facility. One can easily see everything in one visit. It is well worth a trip. I was surprised to see how active the animals were.

Shows are held in the warm Komodo dragon building. They need to keep the temperature pretty high to keep these animals comfortable. A female was on display. They also have a male but he is too aggressive for them to be kept together. When we were there they were showing a baby salt water crocodile, a six-foot python and a giant leaf-tailed gecko. They also brought out a tarantula and an emperor scorpion.

Another nice feature was an outside dinosaur garden with life-size replicas. There were half a dozen species represented. Kevin and I met a taxidermist named Buddy Davis at the Creation museum in Kentucky. He has made several dinosaurs displays for various museums. It is a long, complicated process of getting bone measurements and figuring out the animal's muscle structure.

Tortoise with its mouth full of straw, 2015

Image: Aldabra tortoises feeding. Taken by Kevin Weaver

Toroise sunning itself, 2015

Image: Indian Star tortoise. Taken by Kevin Weaver

Crocodile looking both cute AND mean, 2015

Image: Baby saltwater crocodile. Taken by Kevin Weaver

Some animals, like this bady crocodile, was on loan from the Alligator Farm in St. Augustine, Florida. We were there in 2002. It is also a very nice facility.

 Sleeping gecko, 2015

Image: A Leaf-tailed Gecko. It looks like its eyes are made of crystal. Taken by Kevin Weaver

Drowsy rock-grey iguana, 2015

Image: Cuban rock iguana. Taken by Kevin Weaver

Copperhead peaking over the sill of its cage, 2015

Image: Copperhead: We found it interesting how a poisonous snake could look so cute. Taken by Kevin Weaver

 Frog clinging to the side of a tree, 2015

Image: Poison dart Frog. Taken by Kevin Weaver

Dragon sunning, and glaring at the camera, 2015

Image: Frilled dragon. Taken by Kevin Weaver

This dragon actually looks a lot like Wisky, one of the bearded dragons we used to have, as a juvenile. (Excluding the flaps of skin, of course.)

Chameleon on a stick, 2015

Image: Veiled Chameleon; this one is a little more creative and tried a map of the world motif. Taken by Kevin Weaver

Green lizard peaking from behind a rock, 2015

Iamge: Green tree monitor. Taken by Kevin Weaver

Dragon looking cool, at always, 2015

Image: Komodo dragon. "Food?" Taken by Kevin Weaver

 She barely moved when our little group came in and sat down. But she perked right up when she saw the zookeeper carry in the python for the animal talk.